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Why the Green Smoke is the Best Smoke

Published / by Hira / 4 Comments on Why the Green Smoke is the Best Smoke

For a good reason the Green Smoke brand tops the list in the electronic cigarette reviews and because of that they are one of the most popular brands. Out of all the other brands out there the Green Smoke cigarettes feel and taste like real cigarettes while giving you your nicotine and keeping you healthier. These electronic cigarettes are not too expensive and with the Green Smoke promo codes you can take advantage of even better discounts on the items. The two piece design (different from the standard three piece design) is better for getting you the most vapor from your drag.

If you are brand new to smoking an electronic cigarette or “vaping” as it is referred to then Green Smoke definitely is one of the best start kits out there for you to try. It has a solid battery life, a simple design and a very high vapor output which is why it continues to be one of the consumer’s top electronic cigarettes. You can check out the Green Smoke brands online and enter the promo codes for even bigger savings so you can write your own Green Smoke review.


  1. I turned to green smoke on last november and this is one of the best decisions I made. Thanks for the article though.

  2. For the last couple of months, I have been trying to switch to e-cigarettes due to health reasons. This article caught my attention at the right time. Thanks for the info, I am going to get Green smoke right now.

  3. Nice article! My boyfriend is smoking heavily. We have been searching for alternatives. I’ll let him know about the Green Smoke.

  4. The coach must have asked me because he knew I was involved in smoking cessation research. We had periodically discussed our professional lives, and at one too many practices I had hammered away on my computer, working on some new journal article or grant.

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