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HIV And AIDS Proportion In Youngsters – Continued

Published / by Hira / 3 Comments on HIV And AIDS Proportion In Youngsters – Continued

In recent years there is a continually increasing trend of HIV contamination in young blood, most probably reason are earlier age sexual intercourse, not using protections, lack of awareness about puberty, lack of HIV and AIDS education before engagement in sexual behavior. Many of the guys in young generation find their body marketing to be the best alternative when get engaged in prolonged criminal activities. Some are exploited to use their body for sexual intercourse as well. Basically problem lies where youngsters’ counseling is concerned, before teens are suggested about authenticity of life and culture they already had been abused sexually.

Let us talk about those prevailing in tribulations and falling victims of HIV; these include young generation particularly living at extravagance. Young generation in United States as well as other developed countries is addicted to Alcohol, tobacco and other casual and continual drugs intake. Drug users whether intense user or trivial are more likely to engage in uncertain behaviors like rape, assault or unprotected sexual intercourse especially when they are intoxicated. Some intense drugs as we know, increase sexual stimulation and diminish self-consciousness, they can cause agitated sexuality that puts the user in extreme danger of getting HIV while in unconsciousness. Due to immaturity and no safeguard they catch HIV. When statistics are concerned Blacks (African) Americans aging from 13 to 19, only 17 percent of the American teenage population are represented, still they are accounted for 72 percent of new AIDS cases in 2007; but point to brood over is that Blacks (African) American youth have lower rates of drug exploitation than Whites hence they are at less risk of getting HIV then White.

Another inaccuracy often goes unnoticed is about on the streets and destitute people because they often involve in sexual activity for drugs or money. Prevailing folks exploit them, use them for sexual pleasure and pay for that but in turn they receive another horrible award in form of HIV. There are also out-of-school guys and those living in utter poverty; these teenagers can’t access to good quality health procedures because they can involve in sexual activity at very young age.

HIV and AIDS in youngsters

Young drug users more often exchange needles or syringes for drug intake ending in HIV contagion which is an alarming state of HIV transfer as HIV gets transferred to the next using body fluids, fluids with great concentration of HIV are Blood, pre-cum, semen, vaginal discharge, breast milk and other body fluids containing blood. Thus with syringe transmission occurs quickly.

For getting concerned about HIV our youngsters need age-specific and HIV focused information. They are in severe need of counseling for safer sex, protections, and adolescence sexual activities. They should be encouraged about talk at HIV with their partners, friends, and parents as well, increasing the communication about HIV and AIDS awareness programs will be accommodating in eradication of HIV from society to a great extent. They should be given accurate knowledge about getting tested for HIV, usage of precautions and safety measurements. And Last but not the least is self-restraint concept which is most effective way to prevent further cases of HIV and AIDS.