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Another Gallant Stride Towards HIV Awareness

Published / by Hira / 6 Comments on Another Gallant Stride Towards HIV Awareness

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Hello and welcome to our blog, this is another diminutive attempt towards awareness of HIV and its consequences called AIDS. The inscription is about creating awareness for the most disparaging virus Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that leads to AIDS.

HIV is in fact a slow reacting virus, in medical terms known as Lenti-viruses, giving the victim an adequate interval between first infection and inception of warning sign.

How HIV can enter into blood, the answer is all the way through mucous membrane or it can also make it way through blood to blood contact. Towards its concluding stage there is nothing but Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome –AIDS.

So this was just a glimpse of our passage towards an awareness campaign of HIV and AIDS. Its stages, process, illustrations and chronicles will be followed up in our next blogs.