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Detailed information about AIDS and its Effects

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The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which is shortly known as AIDS is a serious disease which is caused by the virus named HIV. When a person is affected by this Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) his immune system will be affected and makes him weak to get affected by various infections and diseases. Normally this HIV virus will present in the fluids such breast milk, vaginal fluids and semen of the person who is infected. Both the syndrome and virus are commonly referred as HIV/AIDS.

The HIV virus can be passed from the infected person to another through sexual contact and blood to blood. Also if a pregnant woman has HIV infection then her baby will also get the virus in the birth and also in the time of breastfeeding. The virus can also be transmitted in many other ways such as oral sex, anal sex, vaginal, contaminated hypodermic needles and blood transfusion. This is the most severe disease which can lead a person to death and this was originated in Africa in the period of early twentieth century. However there is no treatment for this deadly disease. But the affected persons can take some treatments which can slow down the effect of the disease.

The HIV virus can affect the most significant organs in the body and the progression of the disease will depends upon various factors like age of the person, the ability of the body against HIV virus and genetic inheritance of an infected person etc.

There are many misconceptions about this disease and many of the people believe that the HIV virus can be transmitted through shaking hands, sneezing, casual kissing, hugging, sharing towels, using same toilet etc. But there are no such possibilities and the virus will not be transmitted in these ways. Many people do not know the symptoms of the HIV infection and they will not consider that as a serious problem. There are some common symptoms for the early infection of HIV virus and they are joint pain, fever, muscle ache, chills, sore throat, sweats and enlarged glands etc.

If the severity is increased then the person may have blurred vision, dry cough, night sweat, permanent tiredness, shortness of breath, weight loss, swollen glands for weeks etc. If a person is having these symptoms then he or she has to take immediate check-up and start treatment. The HIV virus can be diagnosed by doing a blood test which is especially performed to detect this virus. If the results are positive then it is confirmed that the person is having the HIV infection and he has to undergo some additional treatments. In another way, the virus infection can be identified by the ultra sensitive HIV sensor. This can give the accurate results when compared to the other tests. As it is mentioned already this problem does not have treatment but the transmission of the disease and its severity can be controlled. Also the life expectancy of the person can be extended. These are the possible outcomes from the HIV treatments (see our other articles here and/or here).

AIDS Awareness Poster

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AIDS Awareness Day is marked not only by memorial events and public manifestations, but also by wearing the red ribbon or bracelet and by printing and promoting AIDS Awareness Posters. The purpose of any poster is to influence the public attitude, to change the behavior of those who see it and make them get more involved. AIDS Awareness Posters are created mainly to give an alarm signal and bring an improvement in AIDS Campaigns.

Posters are created to inform the public of what they can or must to in order to prevent the spreading of a virus and in response to the outbreak of a disease. This principle is valid for AIDS Awareness Posters as well. Each year, a different theme is chosen for these posters, but the message behind the drawings has to be, in the end, the same: it is time for you to do something against AIDS spreading!

There are several AIDS Awareness Posters pinpointed at specific groups. Some of them are more explicit, referring to drugs injections or unprotected sexual relationships, which are known to be the main causes for HIV spreading. But there are also AIDS Awareness Posters containing nothing but the red ribbon symbol, and their main purpose is to put an end to ignorance.

Cautionary posters are great tools of awareness, as they promote prevention and curative measures. In order to receive enough attention, these AIDS Awareness Posters have to keep the balance between aesthetics and communication. Of course the message is very important and has to be clear enough, but if the image is too shocking or abstract, then the purpose of the poster might not be achieved.

As a conclusion, AIDS Awareness Posters aren’t the ones that stop the disease or the virus spreading. This is a certain thing, but they can surely make a difference! Depending on where they are placed, who they impact and how are they done, AIDS Awareness Posters can be great prevention tools in AIDS Campaigns.

AIDS Awareness Bracelets

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AIDS Awareness Bracelets, as well as the red ribbon, are two of the symbols used to mark AIDS Awareness Day. Wearing AIDS Awareness Bracelets shows understanding, support and compassion for people infected by HIV. These symbolic bracelets serve as a bridge among individuals from all around the world, as they are meant to unite people and stimulate them to fight against HIV spreading.

AIDS Awareness Bracelets come in different form, colors and sizes, and can be purchased or home made. The first AIDS Awareness Bracelet was designed by Isabella Geddes da Filicaia, as a quarter-inch band with a raised AIDS ribbon on one side.

Today there are several styles of these AIDS Awareness Bracelets, but the most popular ones are those made from jelly. They cost no more than two dollars and have engraved the AIDS Awareness slogan – ‘Until There’s a Cure’. The most used color is red, but you can opt for other colors as well. AIDS Awareness Bracelets are available in lavender, purple, yellow, orange, pink, white, blue, black, gold and many other colors, and they have different messages engraved.

You can personalize your AIDS Awareness Bracelet with one of the words Hope, Strength, Courage or Faith, as each of these shows your engagement in the fight against HIV/AIDS. For every purchased AIDS Awareness Bracelet, you automatically donate a variable percent for AIDS foundations and campaigns.

AIDS Awareness Bracelets can be made from metal as well, and they have the same messages engraved as the silicon bracelets. Gold and silver bracelets are more expensive than jelly ones, but there’s usually a ten percent of their price going to AIDS foundations. These jewelries can have a little ribbon attached, made either of metal or red crystals.

Other special AIDS Awareness Bracelets are made from Swarovski crystals. These elegant items are meant to show your support and interest concerning AIDS sufferers and can be worn at any occasion.

So whether you choose a less or a more expensive item, AIDS Awareness Bracelets show that you are ready to get involved and help in the fight against this destructive disease.

AIDS Awareness Day

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AIDS Awareness Day is observed each year on first of December. AIDS is the acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, a disease which interests the human immune system and which is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

AIDS Awareness Day is meant to raise awareness of the big number of people killed every year by this destructive virus. HIV weakens the immune system, thus the body’s ability to fight against certain infections and cancers is extremely reduced. AIDS Awareness Day tries to draw an alarm signal, so that more people get engaged in helping AIDS sufferers. HIV is easily spread through unprotected sexual intercourse, injections, infected blood, but also during childbirth or breastfeeding. The main purpose of AIDS Awareness Day is to inform and promote prevention measurements.

In order to mark AIDS Awareness Day, hundreds of activities take place all around the world on 1st of December. Memorials, art shows, candlelight vigils or religious services are hold in honor of people who have died from AIDS. If you want to take your awareness, start by wearing the red ribbon, which is the international symbol of AIDS. This is worn by individuals all around the world in order to show their support or commitment for AIDS Awareness Day.

World AIDS Day was conceived in 1987 and celebrated for the first time one year later. Ever since 1988, various HIV prevention projects were developed, but AIDS is still very common among people of all nationalities and cultures. These programs still need much improvement, and one of the easiest ways to sustain and promote them is to become actively involved in AIDS Awareness Day.

Statistics regarding HIV spreading are alarming, as they show that more than 25 million people have died of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome since 1981. So don’t hesitate the next time you have the opportunity to take your awareness! It’s much easier to prevent HIV spreading than to treat it, and it surely doesn’t cost you anything to get involved this year, on AIDS Awareness Day!

Another Gallant Stride Towards HIV Awareness

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Red Ribbon

Hello and welcome to our blog, this is another diminutive attempt towards awareness of HIV and its consequences called AIDS. The inscription is about creating awareness for the most disparaging virus Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that leads to AIDS.

HIV is in fact a slow reacting virus, in medical terms known as Lenti-viruses, giving the victim an adequate interval between first infection and inception of warning sign.

How HIV can enter into blood, the answer is all the way through mucous membrane or it can also make it way through blood to blood contact. Towards its concluding stage there is nothing but Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome –AIDS.

So this was just a glimpse of our passage towards an awareness campaign of HIV and AIDS. Its stages, process, illustrations and chronicles will be followed up in our next blogs.