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AIDS Awareness Bracelets

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AIDS Awareness Bracelets, as well as the red ribbon, are two of the symbols used to mark AIDS Awareness Day. Wearing AIDS Awareness Bracelets shows understanding, support and compassion for people infected by HIV. These symbolic bracelets serve as a bridge among individuals from all around the world, as they are meant to unite people and stimulate them to fight against HIV spreading.

AIDS Awareness Bracelets come in different form, colors and sizes, and can be purchased or home made. The first AIDS Awareness Bracelet was designed by Isabella Geddes da Filicaia, as a quarter-inch band with a raised AIDS ribbon on one side.

Today there are several styles of these AIDS Awareness Bracelets, but the most popular ones are those made from jelly. They cost no more than two dollars and have engraved the AIDS Awareness slogan – ‘Until There’s a Cure’. The most used color is red, but you can opt for other colors as well. AIDS Awareness Bracelets are available in lavender, purple, yellow, orange, pink, white, blue, black, gold and many other colors, and they have different messages engraved.

You can personalize your AIDS Awareness Bracelet with one of the words Hope, Strength, Courage or Faith, as each of these shows your engagement in the fight against HIV/AIDS. For every purchased AIDS Awareness Bracelet, you automatically donate a variable percent for AIDS foundations and campaigns.

AIDS Awareness Bracelets can be made from metal as well, and they have the same messages engraved as the silicon bracelets. Gold and silver bracelets are more expensive than jelly ones, but there’s usually a ten percent of their price going to AIDS foundations. These jewelries can have a little ribbon attached, made either of metal or red crystals.

Other special AIDS Awareness Bracelets are made from Swarovski crystals. These elegant items are meant to show your support and interest concerning AIDS sufferers and can be worn at any occasion.

So whether you choose a less or a more expensive item, AIDS Awareness Bracelets show that you are ready to get involved and help in the fight against this destructive disease.

HIV Is Ingesting The Globe…!

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HIV Is Ingesting The Globe

Thinking of AIDS may come to your mind those countries yawning in paucity and devastation anyhow it should be considered that a cosmic number of HIV victims are growing in developing and developed countries as well. United States of America has the highest rate of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the developed planet. According to an executive survey In United States of America, about 19 million new infections occur each year.

AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is simply advanced rather ultimate stage of HIV. HIV acts against our immune system that is our internal defense system called body’s ‘Security Forces’ which fights against viral infections and external attacks of ailment. When our resistant system smashes, we lose fortification against disease and thus develop many serious, often deadly infections and cancers in the company of AIDS. These further disorders are called “opportunistic infections” because they take advantage of the body’s weakened defenses and assault our body structure. As the name suggests these infections crops up by chance but leaving nothing afterward.

It is said that origin of HIV was discovered long time ago but reported in more or less 1999. How pollsters found HIV? Storyaids behind it was that they identified a picky breed of chimpanzee which was inhabitant of West Equatorial Africa as the original source of the HIV. It was inside chimps then how the virus approached human? Most probably the answer to this is when ancient time’s huntsmen were exposed to the tainted blood of those chimpanzees they got HIV in their blood and thus passing on HIV.

We must know that HIV-positive people are more susceptible to acquiring sexually transmitted diseases than HIV-negative people because their immune systems are weakened. And remember that If an HIV-positive person is infected with another Sexually transmitted disease, that person has more chances than other HIV-positive people to transmit HIV through sexual intercourse.