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HIV And AIDS Proportion In Youngsters

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HIV is basically a sexually transmitted disease passed through sexual contact so Concept of awareness in young as well as adults; on sexually transmitted diseases specifically HIV and AIDS is critical.Around half of the people who attain HIV become infected before they turn 25, and according to figures AIDS is the second most common among 20-24 year old natives.

HIV Is Ingesting The Globe…!

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Thinking of AIDS may come to your mind those countries yawning in paucity and devastation anyhow it should be considered that a cosmic number of HIV victims are growing in developing and developed countries as well. United States of America has the highest rate of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the developed planet. According to an executive survey In United States of America, about 19 million new infections occur each year.

Is That Red Ribbon…?

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Here we go for a little introduction with RED RIBBON! Red ribbon is a startling precursor representing HIV & AIDS consciousness to each and every one. The red ribbon is a worldwide pictogram of AIDS awareness worn by people all year round and particularly around World AIDS Day i-e 1st December every year to exhibit care and apprehension about HIV and AIDS, and also to remind others of the need for their support.

Get to know about HIV!

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HIV is not about going to doctor, taking some medicines and here you back to normal, keep in mind there is no “Cure” for HIV but yes there is “Treatment” for it, only effective if HIV is diagnosed at precise time, and yes you still can live with HIV a hale and hearty, vigorous life until and unless your internal defense system keep fighting against HIV. Remember there can also some side effects during treatment.