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AIDS Awareness Bracelets

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AIDS Awareness Bracelets, as well as the red ribbon, are two of the symbols used to mark AIDS Awareness Day. Wearing AIDS Awareness Bracelets shows understanding, support and compassion for people infected by HIV. These symbolic bracelets serve as a bridge among individuals from all around the world, as they are meant to unite people and stimulate them to fight against HIV spreading.

HIV And AIDS Proportion In Youngsters – Continued

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In recent years there is a continually increasing trend of HIV contamination in young blood, most probably reason are earlier age sexual intercourse, not using protections, lack of awareness about puberty, lack of HIV and AIDS education before engagement in sexual behavior.

HIV And AIDS Proportion In Youngsters

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HIV is basically a sexually transmitted disease passed through sexual contact so Concept of awareness in young as well as adults; on sexually transmitted diseases specifically HIV and AIDS is critical.Around half of the people who attain HIV become infected before they turn 25, and according to figures AIDS is the second most common among 20-24 year old natives.