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HIV and AIDS Facts: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Published / by Aimee / 7 Comments on HIV and AIDS Facts: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

The discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in the 1970s has added to man’s distress. As per statistics, over 12 million people have lost their lives battling the HIV disease. There is a constant rise in the number of individuals who has fallen prey to the painful symptoms of HIV – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Unfortunately, AIDS is a lifelong disease. Therefore it is vital to be educated about HIV and AIDS facts.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus belongs to a group of virus called retrovirus, which damages and eventually kills the cells once it gets into the human body. A lot of people are not aware as they do not notice symptoms after being infected. This is because the latent period of the virus is variable. HIV is transmitted from individual to individual through body fluids. Although it is an incurable disease, people may lead a healthy life with medical treatment that can keep the virus in check. To avail the immediately required medical attention, one must be aware of the basic HIV-AIDS facts.

Causative fluids of HIV: Semen, blood, vaginal secretion and breast milk. HIV transmission occurs due to these infected fluids from infected to healthy person. It is important to understand the various transmission methods of these fluids. Sexual contact (and not exchange of saliva) leads to transfer of body fluids. A common transmission method is the callous reuse of syringes and needles that have been infected by the HIV virus. Pregnant women who have been infected may pass the disease to offspring through delivery and breast feeding. Blood transfusion from people infected with HIV symptoms may also pass the virus. Prior knowledge about these HIV-AIDS facts is imperative so as not to spread the symptoms further.

A lot of people are left in the dark because the symptoms are unobserved for unknown periods. The development varies from person to person though. Headache, lymph-node enlargement, fever, flu-like conditions and fatigue are common HIV symptoms and normally disappear on their own within few weeks leaving the person feeling healthy. This kind of asymptotic phase may last forever.

Once you have your HIV-AIDS facts right, you know that all has not been lost upon detection of HIV symptoms. A variety of drugs have been developed to fight this disease. Antiretroviral drugs may be availed from any drugstore to treat the HIV disease. However, prognoses are not effective because an average patient will succumb to progress of disease in 10 years. It is therefore advisable to consult the doctor about preventive measures instead of suffering from symptoms of HIV.


  1. To me, the most important thing is “prevention”. Knowing how HIV transmission occurs is very important for those populations heavily affected by the virus. Please continue spreading the word, thanks.

  2. I think it’s very important that sites like this provide information about the prevention, treatment, and prognosis of HIV/AIDS. It’s vital information and critical to preventing a scare that can undermine confidence or hope.

    Since the disease is not observable in the early stages, it’s important to stay out of situations where it’s possible to pass the virus. Transfusions are a lot more regulated and screened than ever before, as the most effective way of passing the disease is via blood. Unprotected sex is another very common way of spreading it. Getting tested periodically is very helpful, as waiting for symptoms to develop is delaying the benefit of getting the right medications.

    Sometimes people who fear that they’ve been infected are reluctant to get tested, and the obvious reason is that they have little hope and don’t want a lab result to rob what little hope they have. More than anything, HIV/AIDS is a disease that robs the human spirit.

  3. Even for me, the most important thing is to prevent the transmission of HIV and of AIDS through the all daily news, not only for the people severely affected. It’s important to learn about the disease and the problems that arise because there is still no cure.

  4. Recent studies show that there is a steep rise in AIDS transmitted through needles among drug addicts. We need to educate our kids before situation worsens.

  5. Thank you so much for providing detailed information about HIV transmission and symptoms. I think it’s essential that everyone knows about HIV to prevent it in the future.

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