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AIDS Awareness Day is marked not only by memorial events and public manifestations, but also by wearing the red ribbon or bracelet and by printing and promoting AIDS Awareness Posters. The purpose of any poster is to influence the public attitude, to change the behavior of those who see it and make them get more involved. AIDS Awareness Posters are created mainly to give an alarm signal and bring an improvement in AIDS Campaigns.

Posters are created to inform the public of what they can or must to in order to prevent the spreading of a virus and in response to the outbreak of a disease. This principle is valid for AIDS Awareness Posters as well. Each year, a different theme is chosen for these posters, but the message behind the drawings has to be, in the end, the same: it is time for you to do something against AIDS spreading!

There are several AIDS Awareness Posters pinpointed at specific groups. Some of them are more explicit, referring to drugs injections or unprotected sexual relationships, which are known to be the main causes for HIV spreading. But there are also AIDS Awareness Posters containing nothing but the red ribbon symbol, and their main purpose is to put an end to ignorance.

Cautionary posters are great tools of awareness, as they promote prevention and curative measures. In order to receive enough attention, these AIDS Awareness Posters have to keep the balance between aesthetics and communication. Of course the message is very important and has to be clear enough, but if the image is too shocking or abstract, then the purpose of the poster might not be achieved.

As a conclusion, AIDS Awareness Posters aren’t the ones that stop the disease or the virus spreading. This is a certain thing, but they can surely make a difference! Depending on where they are placed, who they impact and how are they done, AIDS Awareness Posters can be great prevention tools in AIDS Campaigns.


  1. I definitely think that the posters have an impact. Psychologically, we have to feel that we’re banding together to eradicate HIV/AIDS and teaming together adds some much-needed hope into the mix. It would be a lot more dismal if everyone just resigned themselves to believing that there’s nothing we can do. If we work together, there is a lot we can do. And putting the posters and red ribbons in sight is the first step to creating even more awareness and making positive change.

  2. Aids awareness posters need to be promoted through social media to grab the attention of youngsters. They also need to be circulated among rural areas to help fight AIDS.

  3. Great article! I really find creative posters very helpful in delivering complex messages. I love this idea to promote awareness of AIDS.

  4. The Population Council, which sponsored this trial, has concluded that deeper socio-economic intervention is required and has made recommendations to the Deter­mined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored and Safe (DREAMS) initiative.

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