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Month: February 2012

Foremost Symptoms of HIV-AIDS

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Symptom is a feeling that is observed by patient indicating the presence of syndrome or abnormality inside human body. It is merely a reaction from patient’s body in response to some particular disease.

Symptoms of HIV & AIDS are the indications or warning signs showing whether somebody is affected with HIV or not; it’s better to say HIV symptoms are subjective feelings. When symptoms of AIDS are concerned we have a whole list of indicators. Before I mention symptom of AIDS I must tell the readers that it would be wide of mark if you just rely on symptoms, the one and only way to make sure about some one’s HIV status is to go for HIV Test. Reason behind the logic is that it may happen that somebody is not showing any of the symptoms but he or she is found with HIV later on.

Let me start with earliest symptoms of HIV and then AIDS, worth mentioning is the formation of antibodies. It happens between six weeks to three months (it’s usually 12 weeks period) after getting infected with HIV virus. Just after antibodies development the foremost attack is of Flu. Yes Flu!!! And it can come up with dry cough. However Flu can come up in several forms including prolonged fever, body rashes, muscular pain and swelling of lymph nodes or swollen glands. Swelling mostly occurs in neck and armpits. This is rather a stage when infection is making a web in your body making a way for mouth infections, and bruising. One may also suffer heavy night sweats, high temperature and abrasion on skin or inside mouth. Here appear marks on the tongue. The Reddish colored lumps all over body start appearing and getting multiplied. There are also cases when people suffered Thrush; it’s a thick white coating in mouth, often Dentists and ENT specialists can make identification for HIV initially because of this particular symptom. Person gets weaker day by day and suffers deep fatigue without apparent reason. One may also experience slight attacks of pneumonia.

Foremost Symptoms of HIV-AIDS

The infirmity is called Acute HIV syndrome in medical terms. it’s a set of disorders that continues to smash up the body. It is noticed that victims feel swamped, just snowed down in this phase, they may have weight loss and it can be above 10% of the total body weight. They may suffer nausea repeatedly and persistent diarrhea for more than one month. A lot of individuals suffer with vaginal infection as well. Every symptom in itself is ultimately leading the individual towards psychosomatic torture.

For the duration of this phase there will be a towering quantity of the virus in body, the virus is continually getting proliferated i.e. multiplying itself and thinning out to all other body parts rapidly. Individual at this stage if get tested will show a positive HIV test. Very important mania about this stage is that victim cans pass on infection to others at this point quickly. Subsequently individuals undergo profuse depressed state heading their way to neurological disorders.