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Month: August 2010

Get to know about HIV!

Published / by Hira / 7 Comments on Get to know about HIV!

What are you doing on the war against Aids

HIV is not about going to doctor, taking some medicines and here you back to normal, keep in mind there is no “Cure” for HIV but yes there is “Treatment” for it, only effective if HIV is diagnosed at precise time, and yes you still can live with HIV a hale and hearty, vigorous life until and unless your internal defense system keep fighting against HIV. Remember there can also some side effects during treatment.

Common don’t need to be serious enough while reading the post because simply people living with HIV are diagnosed at correct time and go for proper treatment the life is simply in high spirits, healthy, and relation building. What one can do at its best is if you know an HIV infected person near you don’t HATE them! They are just like you, need love and want to be loved, support them, and encourage them to consult towards health concern departments.

Basic problem lies where people living with HIV hesitate to disclose this, naturally because they are afraid of being criticized or detested, they assume that if they gonna tell this thing to their friends and family they will face biased behavior and may be bigotry. In fact this discrimination is due to lack of awareness about HIV, people actually don’t know what is HIV? When HIV is detrimental? How it can be transmitted from one individual to another? These are some questions people really need to know about. People just have a fear of being infected which hinders them to come in contact with those having HIV. Best solution here is simply AWARENESS, talk about HIV, and encourage supporting campaigns, rather be a part of them, don’t be shy to hold an aids awareness banner or RED RIBBON.

Red ribbon…? What is this…?
We are definitely going to talk about RED RIBBON in our next blog! 🙂